Hyalual Cover



Aesthetic COVER

Revolutionary & Unique biodegradable cosmetic film to create the effect of occlusion

* biodegradable, eco friendly, no special disposal requirements

Created to refine every aesthetic​  procedure.​

Aesthetic COVER provides :​

  • the ability to control the course of the procedure by monitoring of the anesthetic effect​
  • The shape of the cover is suitable for any type and shape of the face, since it consists of 3 parts dedicated to meet all requirements

Aesthetic COVER consists of 6 parts and allows the professional to monitor the progress of the aesthetic procedure.


  • Multiple-use dispenser
  • Three-part set for the face​
  • Lips​
  • Neck and décolleté

Composition: starch, polylactic acid (PLA) and organic dyes.

Material: modern biodegradable material that decomposes within 36 months in an organic way, without harm to the environment (decomposes into CO2, H2O, humus).


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