DIVES Med REDLESS Masks (x5)




A calming sheet mask with a soothing complex designed for sensitive and couperose skin. Made of bio-non-woven fabric, characterized by the highest skin tolerance, it ensures safety of use and hypoallergenic properties. Thanks to its structure and shape, it perfectly adheres to the skin, creating an ultra-soothing occlusion, supporting the active diffusion of all active substances. Thanks to the content of beta-glucan, hyaluronic acid, panthenol and allantoin, it strongly stimulates the skin’s auto-renewal and effectively soothes irritations. Highly concentrated plant extracts accelerate the regeneration of the epidermis and bring relief to itchy and burning skin. The mask has a beneficial effect on dilated blood vessels, prevents redness and swelling, restoring proper metabolism and protective functions of the epidermis

EFFECTS OF APPLICATION • acceleration of skin regeneration and self-renewal • alleviating irritation and swelling • calming effect and eliminating skin redness • restoring the protective functions of the epidermis • restoring balance and natural balance • improvement of skin hydration and hydrodynamics

INTENDED USE Non-invasive beauty treatments After aesthetic medicine treatments such as: – needle and microneedle mesotherapy – chemical peels – laser therapy – fillers – other invasive and irritating treatments


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