WHITE Bright Mask

A sheet mask with a depigmenting and brightening effect. Made of bio-non-woven fabric, characterized by the highest skin tolerance. Thanks to its structure and shape, it perfectly adheres to the skin, creating an ultra-moisturizing occlusion, supporting the active diffusion of all active substances. Rich in arbutin and strong antioxidants, it effectively brightens pigmentation spots, unifies the skin tone, visibly tightens enlarged pores and evens out the skin structure. Hyaluronic acid and plant extracts improve skin hydration for a long time and ensure its good condition. The effect is perfectly moisturized, full of energy skin with uniform color and glow.

EFFECTS OF APPLICATION • improvement of skin hydration and hydrodynamics • restoration of shine and uniform color • eliminating discolorations and pigment spots • soothing irritations and accelerating regeneration • increasing skin elasticity and elasticity INTENDED USE Non-invasive beauty treatments After aesthetic medicine treatments such as: • needle and microneedle mesotherapy • chemical peels • laser therapy • fillers • other invasive and irritating treatments


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