DIVES Med BTX (1x5ml Single Vial)

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BTX is a new generation cocktail designed to fight mimic wrinkles and signs of skin aging. The cocktail contains highly concentrated, bicolecular hyaluronic acid with a hydration effect and a strongly smoothing Argireline hexapeptide. The synergistic combination of both components prevents the formation of new expression wrinkles and reduces the depth and deepening of the existing wrinkles, giving a spectacular rejuvenating effect. The composition replenishes the deficiency of naturally occurring hyaluronic acid, filling wrinkles from the inside and reducing those caused by dehydration. The „botox-like” effect is based on muscle relaxation and strong hydration of the skin, thanks to which the face regains its youthful contours and visibly smoothes out. The unique tensing and smoothing properties of the preparation constitute an effective solution for skin lifting and a safe alternative to therapy with botulinum toxin type A. ACTION • muscle relaxation and reduction of facial expression • smoothing out dehydration and mimic wrinkles • improvement of skin hydrodynamics • improvement of skin tension and elasticity APPLICATION AREAS: • around the eyes and temples • forehead wrinkles • smoker’s mouth and wrinkle area • deep wrinkles and furrows • areas of skin that are heavily wrinkled and with progressive aging ACTIVE INGREDIENTS AND METHOD OF ACTION: ARGIRELINE 5% Hexapeptide with an alternative effect to botulinum toxin, resulting in a strong smoothing of mimic wrinkles. It exhibits properties that inhibit the secretion of acetylcholine and its delivery to the muscle as a result of the formation of protein-calcium complexes preventing muscle contraction. HYALURONIC ACID 0,8% Has a strong hygroscopic effect, hydrates, and moisturizes, smoothes wrinkles, improves the volume and texture of the skin, stimulates the activity of fibroblasts and collagen synthesis.

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