KARISMA RH Collagen (box of 12)

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   Collagen is the main connective tissue protein. It is the most abundant protein in mammals (about 25% of the total protein mass), accounting for approx. 6% of body weight in humans.  Collagen plays a central role in the well-being of the skin and of all human organs.  The aging process leads to quantitative (reduction) and qualitative (increased stiffness) variations in the collagen content  Collagen is decisive in all processes of tissue and major organ repair.  The possibility of using collagen in cosmetics, in aesthetic medicine and as a skin substitute is subject of renewed interest. Karisma has currently been used in the – DERMATOLOGY: – Aesthetic injectables – Tissue repair – Regenerative – ORTHOPEDICS: – viscosupplementation – VETERINARY: – Eye drops – Buccal gel following therapeutic areas: -Certificate: MD class III, face -Certificate: MD class III, face -Certificate MD class III, RiCreo Derma -MD classe I, inflammatory states CREO R-Mousse -Certificate: MD class III, Knee injectables -Adjuvant to corneal treatment -Adjuvant to stomatitis treatment Increases the production of type I procollagen C- Peptide in Fibroblasts. This type of peptides facilitate the wrapping of pro-collagen molecules in a triple helix conformation within the endoplasmic reticulum. It participates in the creation of a favorable environment for the proliferation and metabolism Medium and High molecular weight of fibroblasts. Hyaluronic Acid Carboxymethil cellulose It has an anti-aging effect in the dermis: it inhibits the action of the hyaluronidase enzyme and preserves the endogenous hyaluronic acid, which, while remaining in the tissues, continues to perform its hydration and tissue repair activity in depth. APPLICATION Inject into dermis  or sub dermally  – 2-3 mm depth bolus 0.1 ml space bewtwwn bolluses  – 1.4-2 cm Do not use in perioccular area  

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