Electri 0.55% 1.5ml




Injectable product based on non-crosslinked hyaluronic and succinic acid for the primary injection with quick results

ELECTRI is a product designed for intensive skin restoration, with one procedure producing the fastest effect within a short time. Owing to the physiological concentration of high-molecular hyaluronic acid (0.55%), it does not leave papules, and is ideal for women and men who are ready for a first single-procedure skin rejuvenation without a long rehabilitation period.



  1. Skin dehydration
  2. Impaired dermal vascular microcirculation
  3. Reduced skin turgor
  4. Tired skin
  5. Pigmentation



  1. Sodium succinate (succinic acid) (1.6%)
  2. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid 5.5 mg/ml (0.55%).

The pack contains one syringe and a set of 30G needles.


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