DIVES Med POWER Cream Dry & Sensitive Skin

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DRY & Sensitive Skin Cream POWER CREAM BASE Base cream (to be mixed with POWER Complex Ampule) with a rich consistency and strong nourishing and regenerating properties. Dedicated to sensitive and dry skin and skin prone to the appearance of imperfections as a result of dehydration. The nourishing formula leaves an ultra-hydrating occlusion that provides 24-hour protection against moisture loss and harmful external factors. BENEFITS: 97% of substances of natural origin Dedicated to all skin types, recommended for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin Nourishing, rich and enveloping texture All-day comfort without tightness, burning or irritation Recommended for day and night use Increasing the level of skin hydration Rebuilding the hydrolipid layer Reduction of transepidermal water leakage Intensive regeneration Slowing down the cell aging process Eliminating the signs of aging caused by skin dehydration   HOME CARE Salon Price: £20 RRP £40

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