DIVES Med Ferulic Peel

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Ferulic Peel Advanced acid cocktail with excellent tolerance for powerful anti-aging stimulation and skin antioxidant protection. Dedicated to all-year-round elimination of signs of exogenous aging caused by photoaging, smog and environmental pollution. The Ferulic Peel formula is based on ferulic acid, phloretin and proretinol with unique antioxidant and rejuvenating potential. The synergistic combination with lactic, citric, and malic acids enhances and strengthens the protective effect against the negative effects of external factors such as: sun, environmental pollution, or dry air. Due to the high content of the complex of the strongest antioxidants, Ferulic Peel has an outstanding anti-glycation effect, protects, and regenerates the DNA of cells, prevents the formation of solar hyperpigmentation, and stimulates collagen remodelling. The peeling restores the skin’s unique, natural, and beautiful appearance, which it has lost due to inadequate care or adverse external factors. The skin becomes imperfect, smooth, radiant, and full of youthful glow. INDICATIONS: • skin with visible signs of aging • progressive photoaging • Grey, dull skin • „urban” skins exposed to the impact of smog and air pollution • sun discoloration, lentil spots • solar hyperkeratosis • disorders of keratinization and skin pigmentation • dehydration wrinkles • flaccid and damaged skin ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Ferulic acid – one of the strongest antioxidants and most effective ingredients for delaying the exogenous aging process. Immunizes the skin against ultraviolet radiation and the negative effects of pollution, smog and other environmental factors. Inhibits the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase, blocking the formation of discoloration and hyperpigmentation. Stimulates regeneration and restoration of endogenous hyaluronic acid and skin support proteins. Lactic acid – an AHA of moderate potency with strong moisturizing and hydrating effects. It is the main component of the physiological NMF (natural moisturizing factor). Stimulates epidermal ceramides, causing the sealing of the hydrolipid mantle of the skin. It positively influences the rate of epidermal cell replacement, giving a long-lasting refreshing effect to the skin without the feeling of dryness. Inhibits melanogenic processes, effectively reducing the formation of hyperpigmentation. Stimulates the induction of support fibers, giving long-term effects of thickening and thickening of the skin. Malic acid – stimulates the skin to natural renewal, works by stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin fibers. Visibly moisturizes and brightens, softens and smoothens the skin. It prevents the formation of blackheads, soothes and relieves inflammation. Citric acid – an AHA acid essential for the Krebs cycle and the vital energy of cells. Initiates protocollagen and hyaluronic acid, as well as the growth of living layers of the dermis and thickness of the epidermis. It strongly brightens the skin and makes it radiant. Phloretin – has a strong anti-aging effect. Inhibits the post-sun breakdown of elastin fibers in the skin. Strongly depigments the skin and reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation. Proretinol – a milder form of retinol. Stimulates epidermal proliferation and renewal, has a strong revitalizing effect. Through keratolytic and depigmenting action, it brightens the skin and reduces discoloration.  

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