DIVES Med Aesthetics S.O.S BB Cover post-treatment cream

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BB COVER CREAM SPF 30 HOMECARE REPAIRING AND REGENERATING CREAM AFTER INVASIVE AESTHETIC TREATMENTS BB COVER CREAM SPF 30 HOMECARE camouflage cream after invasive procedures. It is a safe substitute for make-up. Effectively masks redness, bruises and skin irritations after invasive procedures. In addition, it accelerates epithelialization and reconstruction of the epidermis and strengthens the skin’s defense functions. Contains UV filters. APPLICATION BB COVER CREAM SPF 30 HOMECARE: BB COVER CREAM SPF 30 HOMECARE is a repairing and camouflaging preparation after aesthetic procedures such as: needle and microneedle mesotherapy chemical peels laser therapy fillers other invasive and irritating treatments BB COVER CREAM SPF 30 HOMECARE masks all unpleasant and undesirable post-treatment symptoms: redness and irritation of the skin post-injection bruising discoloration HOME CARE: Salon Price: £8 RRP: £16  

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