APIS Professional Expert Med Moisturzing Face and Body Mist with Ionized Silver 300ml



Apis Professional Expert Med Moisturizing Face and Body Mist with Ionized Silver 300ml


The moisturizing mist is intended for all skin types, especially irritated after intensive aesthetic treatments causing redness and micro-damage to tissues. In case of allergies to any of the ingredients, do not use the product.


Delicate mist that stimulates the skin for complete regeneration. Ideal at the end of intensive therapy to enhance skin revitalization. Recommended especially after professional treatments that cause reddening and burning of the skin. Its delicate formula rich in aloe vera pulp juice, hyaluronic acid and hemp hydrolate ensures the right level of hydration and supports natural protection of the skin. Prevents from trans-epidermal water loss, makes the skin soft and elastic. Strengthens the epidermal lipid barrier. Thanks to the content of ionized silver and d-panthenol it has soothing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, while supporting the healing process. Moisturizing mist perfectly soothes irritations, bringing relief to tight and swollen skin.


Effect: helps to renew damaged skin cells, supports the healing of micro damages, effectively soothes any skin irritations, has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, moisturize and protects against external factors.


Application: Spray the treated skin thoroughly and leave until completely absorbed.






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