APIS Barbados Cherry Toner 300ml



Apis Home Terapis Couperose Stop Barbados Cherry Toner For Capillary Skin 300ml


Intended for: sensitive skin with with vascular problems.


Mild toner with Barbados cherry extract (acerola) with a high level of ascorbic acid and Beta-Carotene is enriched with a stable form of vitamin C and wild rose extract. The toner strengthens and seals the walls of blood vessels, protecting them from breaking.


It also hydrates, smooths and makes the skin more flexible.


Active Ingredients:

acerola extract – a strong antioxidant with a high content of vitamin C, has a moisturising, elasticizing effect and improves skin tone, panthenol – soothes irritations and moisturises.


Vitamin C – excellent exfoliator ,stimulates collagen and elastin synthesis, brightens discolourations, is a natural antioxidant, neutralizes free radicals, delays skin ageing.


Wild rose extract – nourishes and regenerates skin cells, supports collagen synthesis. Moisturises and protects the skin against moisture loss, improves its tone and smooths micro wrinkles.



Apply on cotton pad and wipe face gently. Leave to absorb. Use in the morning and evening. For better results use face cream from Couperose Stop series.


Capacity: 300ml



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