PMP Mild (Peppermint peel 5x5ml)

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Peppermint Peel Mild

Peppermint Peel Mild is a non toxic chemical peel treatment that can be used on the Face, Neck, Chest, Hands and Body. Results are instant with no downtime for those who have received the skin rejuvenation treatment. The menthol used in PMP is an active ingredient. This not only negates any unpleasant chemical odour, it also cools the skin during the process. Therefore reducing the burning feeling standard chemical peels have, and leaving you feeling fresh and invigorated. Treatments should only be applied by trained professionals.

How does the Peppermint Peel work on the skin?

PMP is a new soft peeling product with a totally innovative idea. PMP is not only a peel, it is a rejuvenation product designed to aid cell regeneration and produce compelling aesthetic results – the non peeling actives give immediate and different effects through Bio Revitalisation. The peel removes ageing cells and stimulates new cell growth, providing the skin with the raw ingredients. This is required to stimulate and maintain cell healthiness. TCA 11

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