HIFU Plus Ultra V

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Hifu plus Brand-new technology, lifting device that helps lifting tightening intoning using high intensity, focused, ultrasound. It helps with transepidermal drug delivery and can be used in combination with Mesotherapy cocktails, and fat dissolving products. Principle of HiFU: Stimulation of the collagen production, leading to natural tightening and lifting effect. Hifu plus doesn’t stimulate the skin surface, stimulates only in a layer of skin. It is very safe and effective. The device has automatic settings and also ability to choose settings depending on clients needs. The Device was invented and manufactured in Korea by Dr Kwon world wide known specialist  in the field of Aesthetic medicine. ULTRA V Effects are visible immediately after the treatment Device is small and compact. Easy to use. Short treatment time. No pain and immediate visible results. Reasonable price of equipment and consumables compared to other brands. Medical CE mark. If you would like to know more information about the product, contact us and we will provide full Catalogue.  

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