DIVES Med QPeel (3x 5ml)

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QPeel is a non-invasive treatment of uncomplicated course, which selectively stimulates the deep layers of dermis without sensitizing the outer layers of epidermis. Acting on the internal structures of the skin, it causes a deep remodelling of the skin resulting in strong thickening, smoothing and remodelling. The formula is an excellent solution for non-invasive lifting and firming of the skin, as well as express elimination of skin imperfections. The combination of trichloroacetic acid, mandelic acid and kojic acid allows for a multi-layered and comprehensive repair and rejuvenating effect. The skin after the treatment becomes perfectly tense, smooth and radiant.   QPeel can be used as an independent treatment or in combination with other aesthetic medicine procedures. Using the treatment in combination with other procedures allows to intensify and prolong the effects of the therapy. Specialised treatment protocols effectively combine the dermoplastic properties of TCA with an advanced process of revitalisation, remodelling and regeneration of deep skin layers without the use of needles.

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