AVALON Beta-Glucan Laser Post-Treatment Hydrogel Mask




Koru Pharma presents a hydrogel-based mask containing hyaluronic acid and beta-glycan (β -GLUCAN). It’s an innovative product that does not contain any parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

The mask formula has been developed specifically for post-laser application. This mask is also intended for facial cleansing procedures in order to get rid of acne. It is suitable for a sensitive, withering and irritated skin. Its favorable effect helps to soothe the skin after chemical peeling and also during the bio-revitalization procedures – both laser and injectable.

Hydrogel is the gel specifically developed for the most intensive skin moisturization. It produces a powerful and at the same time a gentle effect which makes the mask suitable for a sensitive skin. Hydrogel is perfect for all types of skin and is so safe that there is no need to follow all the mask application rules (although there is no need to keep it on the face too long).

Laser resurfacing is an efficient procedure, but it affects the skin surface and deep epidermis layers. Due to micro-traumas and burns the skin becomes weakened and prone to inflammations – the first few days it becomes an “open door” for germs and bacteria. Such procedures require up to 1 month of rehabilitation process.

The mask is used for speeding up skin regeneration and skin renewal processes after laser resurfacing thanks to ultra-moisturizing and active ingredients it contains. The mask helps:

  • Improve the skin condition right after the laser therapy;
  • Reduce the likelihood of negative body reactions to the procedure;
  • Shorten the recovery time.

Hyaluronic acid is the basic component of all liquids; it ensures their stability and viscosity; itprevents the skin tissues from losing liquids. A powerful antioxidant β -glucan makes a favorable effect on the immune system providing protection for the weakenedskin areas including cases after serious interventions.

Avalon hydrogel mask fits tight thus creating a greenhouse effect. This helps to speed up blood circulation; useful components penetrate deeper and more actively into all the skin layers and are digested much better in comparison with other simple moisturizing methods.

Under the action of the body temperature useful gel components are absorbed and produce the following effects:

  • Keep the moisture longer preventing the skin from drying out after the procedure;
  • Soothe the skin and relieve irritation;
  • Prevent formation of crusts (skin sloughs);
  • Speed up the healing process;
  • Protect the skin from infections;
  • Shorten rehabilitation process;
  • Remove dead skin cells smoothing the skin surface.


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