AURIC Cream 100ml

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Best anti ageing , post treatment redermalising cream Can be used as post treatment in Salon and as Home Care   Colostrum is rich in complete prebiotics, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds and regenerative peptides that can help reverse skin aging and wrinkles by modulating elastin expression.   Colostrum increases the proliferation rate of the fibroblast. Colostrum is the only ingredient which has well proven influence on reduction of the rate of Telomere shortening!!   Colostrum bioactives can improve skin elasticity and hydration and enhance collagen production for plumper skin. 100+ most important nutrients for your skin cells Antioxidants Cell protection and regeneration Vitamins Fatty acids Cell food – Amino acids Glutathione (T & B cells depend on)(detox) Vitamin A, C & E   *Anti-inflammation *Reduction of wrinkles *Scar treatment *Repair of sun damage   ¬Lactoferrin & Lactoperoxidase –  antiviral, antibacterial ¬Coenzyme Q10 – catalyst for collagen, cell energy (mitochondria) ¬Lysine – important agent for Collagen ¬Prolinerich polypeptide (PRP) – immune system and antibiotic ¬Immunoglobulin – protects and stimulates ¬Cytokine – immune messenger, antiviral, anti-inflammatory ¬Cystine – protection for tissues against free radicals ¬Carnitine – carrier molecule for the energy gain within the cells ¬Arginine – source material of vessel wall factors ¬Growth factors – stimulate healing and regeneration, wound healing   VITAMINS   Vitamin A Riboflavin (eV it.8 2) Cobalamin (eV it.8 12) Vitamin C Tocopherol (VEit.) Thiamin (V it.8 1) Pyridoxin (eV it.B O) Folic acid Cholecalciferol (oDl 3) Ubiquinone (nQ 10)   HOME CARE: Salon Price; £ 55 RRP: £90

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