APIS Professional 35% Glycolic Acid with pH 2,0 30ml

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Apis Professional 35% Glycolic Acid with pH 2,0 30ml   For each type of skin.   Exfoliating formulation of 35% Glycolic Acid with 2,0 pH and a wide range of effects:   it removes the stratum corneum, smooths acne scars, enhances rejuvenation and regeneration of the skin making it soft, moisturised and refreshed. gives the skin healthy, fresh hue and shine. Improves absorption of other skin care products. Active ingredients:   Glycolic acid – obtained from sugar cane. From among AHA acids, it is the most active because it has the simplest structure and the lowest molecular mass, so it easily and deeply penetrates the skin. It has strong peeling properties.  What is more, it loosens the fibre bonds between keratinocytes, owing to that it reduces the surpass of the corneal layer of the epidermis.   Proposed Schema of Treatment:   1.Remove make up using micellar water.   2.Tone the skin using hydrogel toner with mandelic acid (avoid eye and mouth area)   3.Protect all sensitive areas with shea butter or vaseline. Avoid applying the butter or vaseline on eyes or mouth.   4.Protect eyes with cotton pad.   5.Apply with brush an even layer of the acid onto face, neck and cleavage. The time of exposure to acid is between 1-8 minutes (the time given is for indicative purposes only) , however the time should be determined individually, considering patient’s needs and the condition of the skin.   6.In order to stop action of acid, apply the neutraliser and leave on for 1-2 minutes, rinse with cool water.   7.Calm the skin by applying Dermasoft.   8.Apply selected algae mask or if the skin is very irritated apply soothing mask with a brush. After 20 minutes, wash off with lukewarm water.   9.Apply Face Cream with High Protector Factor SPF30 or higher.   Suggested Number of Treatments:   6-10 treatment every 7th/14th/21st day, depending on the state of the skin and the desired effect. It is recommended to do this cycle once/twice a year.          

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