APIS Expert Med Care Soothing Moisturizing Hydrogen Cleansing Hybrid Toner 1000ml



Apis Expert Med Care Soothing Moisturising Hydrogen Cleansing Hybrid Toner 1000ml


Intended for: Suitable for year-round care of all skin types, especially these in need of refreshment but also tired and dehydrated. Additionally recommended for sensitive and delicate skin.


Delicate formula intended for use with cosmetic devices. Toner allows you to gently cleanse the pores from any impurities and to exfoliate stratum corneum. Makes the skin smooth to the touch and perfectly moisturised. Dragon fruit extract and hyaluronic acid, known for their excellent water-binding properties in the epidermis, effectively reduce dryness and roughness of the skin. The addition of aloe vera leaf pulp juice and d-panthenolnot only calms and soothes skin irritations but also stimulates its regeneration.


Recommended for treatments: Hydrogen cleansing with hydrabrasion function, Cavitation peeling, Skin tonisation before injection,Treatments like needle and microneedle mesothrapy , RF Microneedling, Before the radiofrequency ( RF), Before the fractional laser


Effects: Deeply cleanses and smoothes the surface of the skin, intensively moisturiSes, soothes irritations, gives a pleasant feeling of refreshment.




Hydrogen cleansing – pour the liquid into a suitable container and perform the treatment.

Cavitation peeling – wipe the skin with a damp cotton pad soaked in a toner and start peeling.

Apply the toner on a cotton pad and use it manually to refresh and tone the skin.






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