KARISMA Rh Collagen Training

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Karisma new RH collagen – revolution in aesthetics (Minimum 5 products purchase required) NATURAL – contains only natural ingredients, without chemical cross-linking agents BioCompatible – 100% bioavailable and mobilizes the skin to bioregeneration SAFE – does not cause allergic reactions. The effects of the Karisma treatment – Rejuvenation of the skin of the face, mouth, neck, cleavage and hands – Improvement of the face contour, gentle lifting effect – Reduction of wrinkles – Reduction of scars and stretch marks – Improving the quality and density of the skin Why Karisma? The collagen contained in the preparation is characterized by:
  • Better biocompatibility, it is identical with human collagen and immediately bioavailable, which gives results immediately after the treatment
  • Accelerates the multiplication of fibroblasts
  • Accelerates tissue regeneration
  • Perfect homogeneity, has controlled physical and rheological properties
  • It is non-immunogenic, hypoallergenic, and does not cause allergic reactions
Karisma can be used not only on the face, but also on the skin of the neck, cleavage, hands or various types of scars. The preparation works by bio-stimulating the skin, i.e. supporting its natural regeneration abilities. Immediately after the treatment, we will feel that we are literally going back in time – the skin tensions are improved, the skin is slightly lifted, and unevenness, including wrinkles, is smoothed out. Karisma does not require a whole series of repetitions – so far, collagen therapies have been able to spread into four visits to the office, which we had to perform in precisely defined, short time windows. In the case of this preparation, we are dealing only with two treatments and another, reminding, which we do only after four months. In this way, we can enjoy the effects all year round. For maximum results, you usually need to perform a series of 2 treatments every 4 weeks. The first effects immediately after the treatment. Depending on the age, lifestyle and skin quality, the effects of the treatment last from 6 to 12 months. It is worth doing a booster after 4 months. timing: 10:00-15:00 address: New Concordia Wharf Mill Street SE1 2BB Unit 2 Closest Station: London Bridge or Bermondsey Tube Station Car Park:
Q-Park Tower Bridge 46-50 Gainsford Street London Borough of Southwark London SE1 2NE

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