DIVES Med 7-V-Lift Profiloplastic Stymulator

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7-V-Lift Profiloplastic Stimulator A potent contouring and lifting tissue stimulator based on a record concentration of hyaluronic acid – 99mg/3ml. Recommended for skin contouring and improving facial geometry. Up-Tech7’s anatomically designed application technique is meant to enhance and rejuvenate key areas of the face that require volume improvement and contour restoration. hysiological tissue reconstruction stimulator based on a record concentration of hyaluronic acid – 99mg/3ml Volume: 1 x 3ml Composition: Hyaluronic Acid – 99mg/3ml Up-Tech7 designates 7-points into which application is recommended, to restore facial geometry and proportions lost with age. This method not only restores the desired facial profile, but also effectively rebuilds structures vulnerable to loss of firmness and gravitational flaccidity. 7-Lift helps to maintain optimal tissue hydration levels by binding water in the skin and filling intercellular spaces. It replenishes the extracellular matrix and creates an optimal environment for fibroblast growth. Additionally, it restores optimal hydration, facial oval and lost skin smoothness.

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